cincinnati boudoir photographer

“I'm so surprised with how pretty I look. I just haven't felt that pretty in a long time... I mean I don't have [a model’s body] or anything, but I think I look great! And that's what I've always wanted to think I look great myself.” –c

(This message is from a friend of a client) “So [my friend] is sending me some pictures [from her shoot]... ASHLEY. Thank you so much. She is crazy beautiful and her husband loves her so much but she has serious body issues and I've wanted her to do this for so long. And she's so happy with them. I can tell they're making her feel confident and sassy and they're going to blow [her husband] away. What you do is very important. You rock."

"Wow!! I LOVE the pictures and I know [my husband] is going to love them too!!" -a

cincinnati boudoir photographer

“I finally got the chance to see my photo book in person this weekend, and I wanted to take a second to thank you so much again for your immense talent and skill! It made me so happy and feel so good to see it all come together - my fiancé is going to absolutely love this gift when I finally give it to him, but even if it weren't for him, I am so glad that I was able to do this for myself! Thanks for making me feel so pretty!” –r

"I just wanted to say thank you again! I looked through the pictures and couldn't believe how much I loved them! I am usually very critical of pictures of myself, so I was a little anxious to see if I would like them. Thank you for a great experience and for making me feel beautiful." -s

"Omg I had SO much fun today!!! Thanks so much for making me feel glamorous!" -c